Different Type of Low Temperament Dogs and Like to be Hugged

Low Temperament Dogs

As pets are cute, dogs love frolic with its owner, either by way of rubbing the head or put its body on foot of its owner Dogs do that to show concern and love for you, and in return, you have to hug your dog. Hug the dog will calm at the same time uplifting the dog heart. It can also make yourself comfortable and at ease when you’re sad or lonely. There are several hybrid dogs that love to be hugged, exceeding other types of dogs. If you want a dog with a temperament like this, then choose one of the following top ten list of sweet dogs below.

Low temperament dogs and like to be hugged

Here different type of dogs who like to be hugged with low temperament. See details in below:

Golden retrieverGolden Retriever

As a hybrid of the most popular dogs in the United States, Golden Retriever has a gentle nature and length fur coat will make you feel always want to hug it. The most fun of this dog is that they will respond to the affection you nicely. Golden Retriever is friendly with the owner and children, even to strangers, making them less suitable as a guard dog. So if you only want to cling and frolic with a dog, consider taking home a Golden retriever.

Tibetan spanielTibetan Spaniel

Do you want a touch of fur that is soft and warm on your skin? Then Tibetan Spaniel is the right choice, because this family dog is also loyal and gentle. Because this kind of dog like to be hugged, they like to take the time to play. Derived from the Himalayas in Tibet, they are also known as ‘Simkhyi‘, which in local language means bed dog. Shady temperament and often greet its owner by licking their face or sit on their lap. Tibetan Spaniel usually raised as a companion dog, and therefore, they want to accompany their owner at all times.


This little sweet dog will not miss a single opportunity to approach its owner, either by sitting on the side of your feet, on your lap, or lean on your feet. They belong to the group of toy dog and come from Central Mediterranean area. Cute eyes as constantly begging you to always love and hug them. They really like to socialize with little kids. However, you need to keep an eye on them while playing with children. This cute dog is very appropriate to be a friend at home.


They are cute little creatures that will follow wherever you go. Initially, the Chinese people raise Pug as a companion dog and introduced in Europe in around the 16th century. Queen Victoria of England was very interested in the dog, and she passed it to the other members of the royal family. Pug can be the perfect companion for your children. They are very docile and caring, and not at all aggressive. They can be very lazy and prefer to spend most of its time laze around with its owner or with soft toys. Pug always want to follow their owners or their loved ones, and crave their attention.

Bichon friseBichon frise

This dog looks like a cute soft doll that definitely you want to hug during sleep. Do not worry, your dreams will come true. Apart from the style of sweet dog appearance, bichon frise will constantly demand attention from their owner. Bichon frise will constantly demand attention from their owners. They are a delightful dogs, sensitive, and compassionate. They were bred for the circus, and if they are not amusing you with their tricks, they will curl up on your lap. Unlike some other dog breeds, the Bichon Frise is not much shed fur.


Short legs dog and long-bodied, related to the family Hound. Dachshund ranks in top ten of the most popular breeds in the United States. They’re a little temperament, and therefore the strict supervision and training is very important. Recommended for dachshunds owner to start training their behavior at a young age. They are quite stubborn before wanting friendship and love of man. Regardless, the dachshunds is a kind of loyal hybrid, intelligent, cheerful, and certainly will love if you hug and affection.


Do not be fooled by the appearance of greyhound, although they are capable of running at a speed of 20 miles per hour, one of their favorite pastimes is lying relaxed with their owners. Greyhound is quite tame as calm temperament, and they can live comfortably in the apartment. Because of slim body, greyhound does not necessarily have to concern themselves in physical activities. Even more exciting again, hours of sleep they need are quite varied, from 15 to 18 hours a day! This dog is very suitable to be friends lounging.


Again, the appearance is not showing the original temperament. In the case of Boxer dogs, although they are kind of guard dogs, at the end of the day, they would prefer to lie down and mingle with their favorite people. But you should not let it lounging on the sofa, but motivate to play or exercise. This crossbreed is not aggressive naturally and easily fall in love to their family members. In addition, these dogs which developed in Germany are relatively calm, loyal, intelligent, brave, full of energy, and the right to be nurtured at home.


Feel their soft fur lining, if you hug them. Funnily enough, newfoundland has always thought of itself as a lap dog, and it will try extra hard to fit into the lap of its owner, despite its massive size. They also want to lean on the owner as a sign of affection. Newfoundland is a strong dog and very quiet, which was originally raised as a working dog for fisherman. This dog is easily trained and can live up to 10 years. If you have a Newfoundland, then make sure to always hug it.


They like to be around people and are very possessive. So, if there are other people embrace its owner, Chihuahua will likely bark or express their distaste. This little dog would really like to sit on your side and rest with ease. Often, you will find them curled up in your blanket when the air is cold, because they are cold-blooded dog. Chihuahua is a dog that is smart but also sensitive. Obedience training is necessary to make a good friend.

So, if you can take any dogs from this list as your pet. You can also know which natural dog foods recipe need for your

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